Girls Summer Camp

Saratoga Girls Summer Camp

Why A Girls Camp?

According to Google, self-confidence means, "a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgement."  Essentially, confidence is believing in yourself and trusting your abilities.  The "idea" of confidence sounds easy, when in fact it is what most girls are missing in their lives.  Research shows that girls' self-esteem peaks at age nine.  Nine years old.  That means by 3rd/4th grade, before they even reach double digits, a girls' self-esteem starts to diminish, allowing insecurities and doubts to take hold.  

Since confidence is the foundation of a healthy self-image, our goal is to provide a camp where girls learn to trust and believe in themselves.  Our camp community is organized to provide girls with leadership opportunities that will help boost their confidence through sports, art and creativity, and intentional social-emotional learning opportunities.    

Summer Camp Registration Open!

If you are interested in signing up, please do so on the form below.  I will contact you if a spot opens up for our Girls Camp.  We have 1-2 spots available in our multi-sport camp if that is also of interest to you.

Camp Details

This is a camp for young girls (2nd-6th grade) that emphasizes principals of self-love, personal power, and the beauty that comes from allowing your light to shine from within.  During camp, we will explore a variety of themes through sports, art activities, and conversations.  Through camper favorite multi-sport team games, thought-provoking crafts and open dialogue around a variety of topics, Girls Camp creates a safe space where girls can honor their individuality while embracing each other's.  Daily topics may include: Gratitude * Positive Friendships * Navigating Bullies * Strong Role Models * Being Proud of their Uniqueness * Healthy Choices * Effective Leadership * Believing in Themselves * Managing Emotions & Developing Interpersonal Skills * Positive Self-Talk * More!   

Camp Dates & Locations

Saratoga: July 6-10, 2020 
Redwood Middle School

If these dates don't work for your schedule, please keep in mind that our full summer multi-sport and basketball programs are also great programs for girls.  We always are mindful when creating groups, pairing coaches, and we have many girls who LOVE our full day multi-sport and basketball programs.  Please feel free to reach out to Kim Mercer to discuss all the options available or if you have other questions.  510-207-8943 or

Camp Hours
Regular Camp Hours:
Camp: 9:30 - 2:30 pm
Optional Half Day Camp Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m

Before and After Care Camp Hours - Unavailable this summer, sorry.
Before Camp Care: 8:00 am - 9:00 am
After Camp Care: 3:00 - 6:00 pm
Before and After Camp Care Program will be in an indoor facility.  Kids will play a variety of indoor & outdoor games/activities and will be provide an afternoon snack.  Before and after camp care is coed.


Full Day: $350/week 
Half Day: $250/week

Before Camp Care (8-9 am): $45/week
After Camp Care (3-6 pm): $125/week
Unlimited Extended Care (Before/After): $140/week

Choose "Drop In" Extended Care when you register, and you can pay as you go each day or at the end of the week:
$15/hour drop in rate for before/after camp care.

Swimming (Cupertino Only)

**1-2 days during the week, all campers will go to Blackberry Farm for a fun day of sports games and swimming.  We walk through Monta Vista High School, and cross McClellan Road at a cross walk with crossing guards to walk down Byrne Road on the side walk to Blackberry Farm.  Drop off and pick up at Blackberry Farm is also an option for parents if they want to opt out of having their children walk to Blackberry Farm.  

**Swimming - Blackberry Farm is equipped with full time life guards and all children have the option to wear a life jacket (provided by Blackberry Farm) if the parents would like.  Our staff also supervises full time on the pool edges and in the pool.  Campers are required to pass a swim test by Blackberry Farm lifeguards if they want to go down the water slide or go in the deep end of the pool.  Swimming is optional and other games will be provided if you do not want your child to swim or kids choose not to swim.  Please call Kim Mercer if you have additional questions: 510-207-8943**


Registration Open!